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Mother Uses Son’s Tragic Crash to Combat Distracted Driving

Many distracted driving accidents go unreported. Since officers are often unable to identify distraction as a factor, crashes that result in injuries and even death are not classified as distracted driving incidents.

But when tragic crashes occur and the factors that led to the crash are officially associated with distraction, people pay attention.

Unfortunately for the distracted driving victim and his loved ones, these preventable crashes occur and there’s nothing they can do to turn back time. What those who stay behind can do, however, is to simply raise awareness and urge others to avoid making the same mistakes others before them have done.

That’s what the mother of a teenager whose vehicle crashed into the back of an 18-wheeler is now doing.

According to several news reports, the then 18-year-old driver was behind the wheel of a 2005 Ford F-150 truck one day in September when he crashed into a stopped 18-wheeler waiting to turn while on the highway. The teenager who would now be 21 reportedly at the scene.

According to the teen’s mother, the driver slammed the vehicle in the back of the 18-wheeler without ever attempting to press the brakes or swerve. According to the final investigation, that indicates the teen may have not been aware of the vehicle ahead moments before the collision.

Prior to the distracted driving accident, the teen had just finished High School. He was also an athlete who was very loved by his community.

According to the Department of Public Safety, the teen was using his phone behind the wheel moments before the collision to send a Tweet. The last message he posted on the micro-blogging site was published at 1:32 pm. Emergency crews arrived at the scene just 13 minutes after the message was published.

According to the official investigation, the factor that led to the crash was distraction.

In order to help others avoid the same fate as her son, the victim’s mother is now using her voice.

Recently, the grieving mom accepted an invitation to be part of a public service announcement for the Department of Public Safety. In this announcement, she wants to make others aware that accidents like the one that killed her son can and should be avoided.

If you’re a driver and a parent, keep in mind that your teen will likely follow your lead. If you’re a responsible driver and you want your teen to be a responsible driver as well, talk to him or her about the risks associated with distraction.

For more information on the tragic accident that is now inspiring the distracted driving victim’s mom to speak out, click here.

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