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Mother, Child Saved After Car Jumps Over Fence After Accident

We often share tragic stories involving traffic accidents and car crashes related to issues that could have been prevented. And by now you must know that we do so in order to help our readers and clients to stay informed and safe. But every now and then, some traffic accident stories that take place in Seattle actually have a happy ending. And yes, these stories are always worth sharing.

According to a series of local news reports, a woman and her baby boy were in a car that had plummeted down a 75-foot embankment but were luckily rescued and brought to safety shortly after.

The accident involved a vehicle driven by the 35-year-old mother. The baby was a passenger and both occupants only suffered minor injuries. The vehicle was seen jumping a fence off 12th Avenue South near Dr. Jose Rizal Park. Witnesses who saw the vehicle plummeting down the embankment also jumped the fence to bring the baby back up.

But mother and child were promptly sent to the hospital for treatment.

According to the reports, several people mobilized to help mother and child, showing that, in Seattle, people will act promptly in order to help those in need. While we do not know how this accident happened or what factors caused the vehicle to jump over the fence, we know that when people are in need, others often rise to the occasion.

Still, as personal injury lawyers we cannot ignore the fact that drivers are often involved in accidents that they could have prevented.

Many of us take part in activities that often lead to accidents such as distracted or intoxicated driving and we must put an end to that if we want to stay safe and help others stay safe. Not only because both activities are against the law, but because safety should always come first.

We hope the mother and child injured in this accident are recovering fully. If you would like to read more on this Seattle crash, follow this link.

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