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Mom Who Lost Daughter To Distracted Driving Asks Drivers To Focus

As the state of Georgia enacts a new distracted driving law, a grieving mom talks about her experience. She hopes her daughter’s loss will help inspire others to stay focused.

The mom says she’s thankful state legislators passed a Hands Free Law. She believed that if a similar law had been in place six years ago, things might have been different.

Having a child die to an accident involving a careless driver serves as a daily reminder that paying attention to the road is crucial. And that drivers are 23 times more likely to crash if they are not paying attention to the road.

Her daughter was 19 six years ago when a distracted driver collided into her car. The head-on collision resulted in the death of the distracted driver’s two children as well as the 19-year-old.

The victim’s mother now tells people that if they could walk in her shoes, they would never pick up a phone while behind the wheel. She uses her story to inspire others to be better drivers, and better people. That’s why following the law is so important.

Distracted Driving: Illegal In Georgia, Illegal In Washington As Well

Distracted driving makes crashes more likely. Trying to experience what this grieving mom experienced may be too difficult for some of us. But knowing that distracted driving will lead to deadly accidents should be enough of a reason not take part in it.

We urge you to put your phone down the minute you sit behind the wheel. Buckle up, and put both of your hands on the wheel. Remember, it’s the law. And breaking the law can put you in trouble with the law. But worse yet, it will make you more likely to crash.

Click here for more information on the distracted driving laws in Georgia and on the accident that is inspiring countless drivers to put their phones down.

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