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Mitsubishi Recalls Vehicles For Second Time Over Deadly Injury Risks

Many auto recalls go ignored because drivers are simply not warned.

Since many car owners forget to update their personal information with the manufacturer, many recall notices don’t get sent to impacted vehicle owners. As a result, many drivers end up being injured in accidents that could have been prevented.

The latest auto recall we believe drivers should not ignore comes from Mitsubishi.

According to the official report, over 66,000 vehicles are being recalled by Mitsubishi after the company learned that Takata air bags could be dangerous to occupants. This is the second time these same vehicles are being recalled.

The front passenger air bag inflators are the ones impacted by this recall. According to the announcement, Lancer and Lancer Evolution vehicles from the 2004 through 2006 makes come with Takata air bag inflators that use ammonium nitrate during deployment. The small explosion caused by the chemicals causes the air bags to inflate. However, if the inflators and the chemical are exposed to moisture and high temperatures, the product may burn too fast and it may end up exploding with greater force than needed. As a result, the metal may fragment and pieces of shrapnel may be sent into the vehicle’s cabin.

Since many occupants have been injured and about a dozen have been fatally injured in accidents due to the Takata air bag problem, consumers are being urged to not ignore this recall.

The company is using replacement inflators that are made by another company, Daicel Corp., and that does not use ammonium nitrate. If you own one of the recalled vehicles, contact Mitsubishi to learn more about how you should proceed to avoid injuries and to have your air bag inflators replaced immediately.

You may click here for more details or reach out directly to Mitsubishi for further information.

Stay on top of similar announcements as many car accidents are not caused by human error alone but also by automaker’s negligence.

As a personal injury attorney with decades of experience, I’ve seen countless cases involving victims whose vehicles were fitted with defective parts that were never repaired. Negligent parties should always be held responsible for their mistakes, especially if their victims were injured in accidents.

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