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Mercedes-Benz Recalls 1.3 Million Cars Over Faulty Emergency Systems

Mercedes-Benz is recalling a series of vehicles in the United States after learning that their eCall emergency contact system may lead emergency personnel to the wrong address. Because this issue can expose car owners and their passengers to risk in the event of a serious accident, the company is promptly recalling all affected vehicles. 

Over One  Million Mercedes-Benz Cars Recalled Over Software Issue

According to the recall announcement, 1.3 million vehicles are impacted. They include the 2016 through 2021 Mercedes-Benz’ CLA-Class, GLA-Class, GLE-Class, GLS-Class, SLC-Class, A-Class, GT-Class, C-Class, E-Class, S-Class, CLS-Class, SL-Class, B-Class, GLB-Class, GLC-Class, and G-Class vehicles.

The eCall emergency contact system in these models rely on the vehicle’s GPS location. When triggered automatically, in the case of a serious accident, or activated by a button, eCall alerts emergency personnel promptly after collision, providing them with the number of occupants and the car’s location. In the impacted vehicles, a software issue can prompt the system to communicate the wrong location of the crash, sending emergency personnel to the wrong address and causing a delay in the response. In the case of a serious accident, this could lead to injuries and even death.   

Recall Follows Report Of Accident In Europe

Reuters reported that Mercedes-Benz first learned of this issue when an accident in Europe prompted eCall to relay the wrong location information to emergency personnel. After the October 2019 accident, the company initiated an investigation. 

Mercedes-Benz found that due to the crash, the communication module’s power supply suffered a temporary collapse, causing it to malfunction.  

While no other accidents involving the eCall program were reported, the firm is readying to send out recall notifications to all impacted vehicle owners beginning April 6th. The firm stated that the issue will be addressed with a software update that will be carried out either at dealerships or over-the-air. 

For a full list of all recalled vehicles, click here

For the full Reuters report, click here

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