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Mercedes-Benz Car Bursts In Flames While Deep In Water

Every now and then, vehicles are recalled over issues that may result in fires. But sometimes, certain cars present odd defects that are only triggered under the oddest of circumstances.

According to a series of news reports, a Mercedes-Benz vehicle caught on fire while in the middle of a flood, prompting several people to ask themselves how such an incident may have been possible.

The odd incident happened in Pennsylvania in an area that sees a lot of flash floods.

Four people had been driving back from a graduation when a flash flood took place. Thankfully, the four occupants were able to leave the car in time. But as the car was surrounded by two feet of water, the vehicle was engulfed by flames. While nobody knew exactly what happened, the guess is that an electrical fire may have been ignited as a result of the exposure to water. Still, how is it possible that the vehicle was taken by fire while inside water?

However this incident happened, we hope that parties involved are able to figure out what may have happened. If there’s any equipment failure that led to this accident, the company should be able to address this problem in order to avoid future trouble. After all, an electrical issue could lead to serious and perhaps even deadly incidents as fires may occur under different situations involving a great deal less of water.

Hopefully, the issue that prompted this incident happened because of an issue with that particular car, not because of an equipment issue. Still, this should be investigated thoroughly.

For more on the incident, follow this link.

For more similar stories that will help you learn about accidents and issues caused by equipment failure in cars, follow our blog regularly for more. We hope to keep you alert and aware of incidents so that you may prevent similar occurrences whenever possible.

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