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Men Sent To Seattle Hospital After Plane Crash

Not all accident-related injury goes back to collisions involving cars.

According to a series of news outlets, two men suffered injuries after a Sunday afternoon accident involving an antique plane.

The duo were flying an antique bi-plane owned by the Jefferson County Aero Museum when they noticed the aircraft experienced engine failure. The issue led to an accident when they tried to do an emergency landing on Old Gardiner Road. After the crash, emergency crews had to extract the passenger.

Officials then airlifted the two men to a Seattle area hospital.

News outlets did not disclose how serious their injuries were.

Avoid Similar Plane Crashes

Flying antique aircrafts is a fun activity that may spark the interest in many experts and lovers of old planes. However, they may pose certain risks that newer planes don’t. That’s why it is important to make sure you’re flying a safe plane that is properly maintained.

While we’re sure that the two men were careful prior to picking this plane, not all of us are. In order to make the best of these experiences and avoid accidents, we must check the engine and whether the plane is in top shape.

If you’re not an expert, make sure you’re consulting with an expert before taking the aircraft for a spin.

Much like driving a car, which needs regular maintenance, planes also need expert care. And as a safe and responsible driver, you should never go on driving your car if it isn’t safe. The same applies to planes.

However, if you and a loved one suffered injuries because of a plane accident caused by negligence, then you shouldn’t expect to deal with this issue on your own. Like negligent drivers, negligent business owners who may run plane rentals should suffer the consequences of ignoring the importance of keeping planes safe for customers.

As we wait for more details on this aircraft accident, we hope the two victims are recovering quickly and fully.

If you would like to know more about this accident, follow this link.

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