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Mazda Recalls Cars Over Loose Part That Could Increase Accident Risk

Mazda has recalled thousands of vehicles across the United States over parts that weren’t secured during assembly and that might expose drivers to accident risks. 

According to the firm, the CX-30 and Mazda3 vehicles of the 2020 model come with front caliper mounting bolts that may not be properly tightened. These bolts are designed to hold the components that squeeze the brake discs to slow the car and if they aren’t tight enough, they will come loose and impact the vehicle’s braking performance. Additionally, the issue may interfere with wheel rotation, posing a serious accident risk to drivers.

Whatever the case, the firm explained, the loose bolts increase crash risks and endanger drivers and their passengers. 

Mazda Must Inspect All Cars To Lessen Accident Risks 

According to the automaker, over 24,000 vehicles are being recalled. However, the company predicts that only 1 percent of the recalled vehicles actually have a loose bolt issue. 

Because there’s no way for them to know which vehicles are in danger of experiencing bolt problems without a proper inspection, impacted car owners will have to bring their vehicles to dealers for repair. 

In order to avoid an accident, we urge you to not ignore this recall because only a fraction of the recalled cars might present the issue. After all, your car might be one of the units that could experience braking difficulties. 

In its report, the firm announced it will be contacting car owners beginning August 11th. 

In an article discussing the recall, Consumer Reports’ chief mechanic said that because of the serious risk associated with this recall, drivers should not wait until the company contacts them. Instead, they should contact dealers as soon as possible to schedule an inspection. Don’t hesitate to call the firm if you need further information about how this issue may impact you.

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