Man Killed In Lynnwood Crash, Officials Say Speeding To Blame

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Speeding is dangerous no matter who does it. Whether you drive a car, a motorcycle, a truck, or a bus, driving faster than you should will undoubtedly put you and everyone around you in danger. And when you speed during the wintertime, when roads are most likely slippery, things could get even worse.

A horrific accident in Lynnwood, Washington, claimed a life over the weekend. According to the authorities, the driver who caused the accident was speeding.

The driver behind the wheel of a white sedan was speeding northbound on 76th Ave W., crashing into an unoccupied parked car. The speeding car then collided into a second car. One person was inside. According to officials, the man in the third car died later in the hospital.

The driver in the speeding car left the scene on foot before officials caught him and took him into custody. He’s now facing a vehicular homicide charge.

Police are investigating the accident further.

It’s heartbreaking to learn that speeding is behind a tragic accident like this. We hope that other drivers will learn from this horrific accident so they can avoid similar collisions.

Avoid Crashes By Never Speeding

Whether you’re driving in sunny California or snow-covered Washington, speeding is bad business. Drivers who are serious about their safety should never speed.

When you travel faster than the speed limit, you’re more likely to lose control over your vehicle. What’s worse, speeding that leads to crashes oftentimes hurt not only the driver who’s to blame for speeding. They also make victims out of innocent drivers.

That’s why we always report on accidents that happen in the Washington state. After all, we want our readers to learn from these occurrences and avoid similar mistakes.

For more on this deadly three-car accident, follow this link.

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