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Man Involved In Deadly Accident Says Diet Got Him ‘Distracted’

After a deadly accident in a Safeway parking lot, a lawsuit suggests the man involved was distracted because of his diet.

The collision, which happened in 2017, involved a man who did not eat breakfast or lunch the day of the accident. Before hitting the woman, he reportedly felt “nauseous and lightheaded.” Despite not feeling well, he alleged, he continued to drive.

As a woman loaded groceries into her car in the parking lot of a Safeway, the man struck her. Then, he reportedly ran her over. Emergency crews rushed the 68-year-old woman to the hospital, where she died.

In a lawsuit filed against the man, lawyers allege he failed to “maintain proper control of his vehicle.” They also claim he did not “keep and maintain a proper lookout,” and that he driving too fast. Attorneys claim that these issues contributed to the distraction.

But most importantly, the suit claims he continued to drive after experiencing health issues. That means he reportedly knew that it could present a risk to others and yet, went on driving anyway.

The man was reportedly observing the Whole30 diet, which encourages individuals to go through 30 days without any sugars, grains, dairy, alcohol, legumes, or baked goods.

After the report, the Whole30 co-founder issued a statement. She explained the diet encourages participants to never skip a meal and to eat whenever they are hungry.

Driving While Impaired: Even Certain Diets Can Be Dangerous

One of the attorneys representing the victim’s estate told reporters that aggressive diets can be dangerous, even to drivers. This should serve as a warning to drivers who are not aware of the potential consequences of changing their diets without the help of a physician.

Much like driving while impaired, driving while under the influence of a potentially damaging diet can cause drivers to make serious mistakes. It is important that those who are observing a particular type of diet understand this. Staying away from the wheel during those times will not only save their lives, it will also spare others’.

Being safe and keeping others safe should be a top priority for all drivers. That’s because driving a car is a responsibility, and ignoring it puts lives in danger.

We hope that drivers are learning from this motorist’s mistakes. Especially if they are experimenting with different diets or treatments for health-related issues.

Before sitting behind the wheel, ask your doctor about your treatment or diet and how it will affect your driving skills.

For more on this accident and lawsuit, follow this link.

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