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Man Dies After Exiting His Disabled Car On I-5

A man from Lynwood died after being struck on Interstate 5. He exited his disabled vehicle, which was stopped in the left lane of the interstate, and a second vehicle hit the disabled car and then the driver, according to Washington State Patrol.  

According to WSP officials, mechanical issues caused the vehicle to block traffic on I-5 near Maytown Road, south of Olympia, prior to the collision. The 68-year-old driver got out of the car just moments before a vehicle traveling in the left lane hit the stopped car and the driver. No other people were injured. 

When they arrived at the scene, officials learned that the impact of the collision had pushed the disabled vehicle into the barriers and then into the right lane. The driver of the second vehicle, a 22-year-old, was not injured.

Following the crash, officials closed the roadway to clear debris. Interstate 5 was shut down for at least four hours. 

Avoid Accidents When You Car Breaks Down

When experiencing issues with your car, getting the vehicle to the right-hand shoulder as soon as possible is especially important if you’re on a highway. This will ensure that your vehicle won’t become an accident hazard. However, if you try to make your way to the shoulder without success and your engine ends up dying right on the highway, do not leave the vehicle. 

While watching as the traffic piles up behind you might be stressful, it is safer to remain in the vehicle until help arrives. That’s because crossing a freeway where vehicles are moving at a fast pace is highly dangerous. 

We hope that this particular accident will serve as an example to others who might find themselves in a dead car in the middle of an interstate in the future.

For more information on the accident involving the Lynnwood man, follow this link.

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