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Lynden Officer Killed By Driver Driving Without Headlights

Authorities are often called to the scene of traffic accidents to assess the damage, help victims, and take other necessary steps in case of wrong doing. Sometimes, officers are also the victims of these accidents. Here at Bernard Law Group, we are always saddened to learn that anyone is injured in a crash, so it was heartbreaking to learn that the interim Police Chief from Lynden was struck in a Tuesday accident

According to reports, the crash was preventable.  

Local officials said in a press release that the officer was in the Grover and 4th street area in the afternoon on Tuesday when a 19-year-old driver driving without his headlights approached, striking him. 

The driver remained at the scene, waiting on emergency personnel and on the authorities. Officials say he is cooperating with the investigation. 

No other injuries were reported.

The injured official was airlifted to Harborview Medical Center promptly after the crash but unfortunately, died due to the severity of his injuries.

Visibility Matters

Oftentimes, automakers launch recalls that impact headlights because faulty headlights will lead to poor visibility. And when we have poor visibility, accidents happen. 

As the investigation continues, we still don’t know why the driver didn’t have his headlights on. However, we hope others across the state of Washington may learn from this accident, especially as the colder months approach us and the days become shorter. 

If your car’s headlight burns out, get it replaced immediately. Driving without your headlights on either a half hour after sunset to a half hour before sunrise or under unfavorable atmospheric conditions will make you more likely to be pulled over by an officer in Washington. But worse than just getting a ticket, failure to use your headlights properly can lead to accidents. 

Be a responsible driver and avoid similar crashes: learn how to use your car’s headlights. 

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