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Lower Gas Prices Responsible for More Auto Crashes?

All too often, drivers are exposed to risks that they have ignored for quite some time. Distraction is one of these risks. But as the number of crashes, injuries, and deaths tied to these risks increases, safety advocates step up to urge drivers to pay attention to the hazards.

According to a recent analysis, the roads of certain states have become more dangerous in the past couple of years, and experts are blaming low gas prices for the increase in deadly crashes.
Reports from Delaware show that the state began seeing an increase in the number of deadly auto crashes in 2015, going above the highest number on record, which was registered in 2006.

In 2015, official reports show, 130 people died in collisions across the state, while 58 people did in similar crashes through June 27, 2016. When compared to the same time last year, Delaware saw 10 deaths more in 2016 than 2015.

To experts, many factors have contributed to the increase such as distracted driving, speed, and drunk driving. But one in particular is getting a great deal less of attention from the media.
According to the director of the Delaware’s Office of Highway Safety, once gas prices tanked, more people started hitting the roads and that is why the number of traffic deaths in the region has gone up.

More Cars, More Problems: Avoid 4th of July Crashes

With the Fourth of July weekend around the corner, drivers across the country will be hitting the road to celebrate Independence Day with friends and loved ones. Uring the festivities, many individuals will be drinking and partying a little harder than others. In order to prevent serious or even deadly crashes, drivers are urged to keep in mind that holiday seasons make roads dangerous. Much like the low gas prices prompting more drivers to hit the road, drivers often flood the roads, in the hopes of arriving at their destination in one piece. But in order to do so, you must first remember that drowsy driving is just as deadly as distracted driving.

Before hitting the road this holiday season, remember that July is the deadliest of all summertime holidays. Before taking off, remember to have a designated driver if you’re going to be drinking, and do not sit behind the wheel if you’re too tired to drive. Take a nap until you’re sure you can continue giving your driving all of the attention you need.

For more on why the increase in the number of vehicles on the road leads to crashes, follow this link.

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