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Lincoln Vehicles’ Wiring Problem Can Increase Risk Of Personal Injury

personal injury ford lincoln accident recall

Ford is recalling a series of vehicles over an issue that could lead to airbag problems. Because a defective airbag will expose occupants to injury risks, it’s important that car owners have their vehicles repaired as soon as possible. 

According to the automaker, the seat wiring harnesses used in the passenger and driver seat cushion pans may not have sufficient clearance, meaning that the wiring harnesses can be exposed to friction, which can then lead to damage. Damaged wirings can cause the airbag system to fail in an accident and fail to secure occupants. 

So far, vehicles listed under this recall have not been associated with any auto accidents, the report stated. 

Recalled vehicles include the 2016 through 2020 Lincoln MKX and Nautilus vehicles that were manufactured with 16-way power seats. Impacted units were sold in the United States, Mexico, and Canada.

Avoid Accident-Related Injury By Staying On Top Of Auto Recalls

To avoid serious injuries related to the defective seat wiring harness, Ford will notify owners via mail. 

Schedule a visit to a dealer where a flocking tape will be installed on the exposed edge of the 16-way seat cushion frames and the staff will further inspect the harnesses, repairing whatever needs to be repaired. 

The procedure should be carried out for free. 

While Ford reported no personal injury accidents related to this recall, it’s important that drivers do all in their power to have the issue fixed as soon as possible. Knowing about a recall but not taking action to fix the issue can increase the driver’s liability in the case of an accident. That’s because drivers who choose to postpone getting their cars fixed are also ignoring issues that place others at risk.  

To help drivers stay on top of open recalls, you can visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s website where regulators maintain a database of open recalls. 

If you own a used car or if you moved since purchasing your car, visit the NHTSA’s database regularly to check for recalls. Another way to stay on top of recalls is to make sure the automaker has your updated contact information. 

For more on this recall, follow this link.   

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