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Leaving Water Bottles In You Car Could Start A Fire

Leaving a water bottle in the car is dangerous, officials say. To avoid fires, it’s important to keep that in mind. But how do water bottles start fires?

According to firefighters, the light can refract through the water bottle which can ignite a fire.

In order to help others prevent incidents, a man who experienced a small fire in his truck made a video and uploaded it to his Facebook page. The Midwest City Fire Department in Oklahoma then saw the video and linked it on their Facebook page. With the help of this footage, firefighters started a campaign to help residents prevent incidents.

According to the fire department, water bottles are dangerous because of the clear liquid. If the sunlight passes through it at the right angle, then a fire may take place.

With August being the hottest month of the year across the country, it is important that we know about this danger.

Heat Waves And Water Bottles: A Risk For Drivers

It’s a well-known fact that summertime can make our cars a dangerous place for children and pets. However, many of us will still leave children and pets unattended in a hot vehicle. This often proves fatal, as children are unable to regulate their body temperature like adults do.

But hot cars are not only dangerous to children and pets. Now, we know that even water bottles can pose a risk in these hot summer days.

If you are a driver and you keep water bottles in your car regularly, make sure they are not exposed to sunlight. Perhaps, leaving bottles in the trunk might be safer, especially as the days get warmer.

To stay safe and prevent possible incidents, beware of the risks and act accordingly. And if you have pets or children, never leave them unattended in a hot vehicle, no matter how cool the weather may be outside of the car.

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