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Largest Dealer In The Country Sold Hundreds Of Defective Cars

As the largest car retailer in the country, AutoNation has sold hundreds of used vehicles with open recalls across 12 states. According to research carried out by the US PIRG Education Fund and the Consumers for Auto Reliability and Safety Foundation, this means that many lives could be in danger as a result. 

Between July and August 2019, 285 vehicles with unrepaired defects were sold by 28 different AutoNation dealerships. Defects ranged considerably and included Takata airbag problems and General Motors ignition switch deficiencies. As noted by researchers, both issues are responsible for thousands of injuries and deaths. 

Considering that the retailer runs more than 300 dealerships nationwide, it is clear that countless other cars are being sold with dangerous open recalls. 

By law, auto dealers cannot sell new vehicles without fixing recall-related defects first. However, there is no law prohibiting the sale of used cars with unaddressed recalls. 

Currently, Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) and Sen. Edward Markey (D-MA) are fighting in Congress to pass the Used Car Safety Recall Repair Act, which would change the law so that dealers would have to fix used cars before selling them. While similar legislation failed in 2015, Congress has another chance to get it signed into law. 

Until Congress acts, however, car owners and consumers must be proactive and make sure their vehicles aren’t a hazard to themselves and to others. 

Checking For Open Recalls

Here at Bernard Law Group, we take your safety and the safety of your family seriously. That’s why we worked on an easy guide to help you determine whether the vehicle you drive or the vehicle you might purchase is safe. 

While keeping track of open recalls online is important, you should also demand that dealers are honest about open recalls. Ask the right questions and make sure you get the answers you’re looking for before buying a used car. And once you settle on a vehicle, update your contact information with the automaker so it can send you notifications in the mail when new recalls are launched. 


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