Lack of USDA Inspection Sparks Beef and Pork Recalls

In a press release, the US Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety Inspection Services (FSIS) issued a warning against certain “ready-to-eat” beef and shredded pork products from E-Z Shop Kitchens due to their production and distribution without having been inspected by the federal agency.

The FSIS and E-Z Kitchens have not received any reports of illness in connection with this warning. However, the FSIS has yet to determine the amount of uninspected meat from E-Z Kitchens that may have bypassed the required federal inspection process. According to the FSIS, the meats were distributed to both institutions and retail outlets across multiple states between July 1 and October 6 of this year. The warning and subsequent recalls include 16-ounce and 4-pound tub containers of “E-Z Kitchen Seasoned Beef”, “E-Z Kitchen Shredded Pork with BBQ Sauce” and “E-Z Kitchen Shredded Beef with BBQ Sauce.”

The FSIS plan to continue their investigation into the uninspected meats of E-Z Kitchens and will, upon completion, issue a full listing of retail distributors that may have obtained the recalled products.

Consumers concerned about the recalled meat are asked to contact either the FSIS or E-Z-Kitchens for further information.

As a Tacoma personal injury attorney, I’ve witnessed similar recalls and product warnings in the past and understand the effects that uninspected food products can have on consumers. If you’ve been injured through the consumption of a defective food product, speak with a personal injury lawyer to discuss your rights as a consumer.