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King County Roads Saw Hundreds Of Accidents After Christmas Snow

After Christmas, officials responded to hundreds of traffic accidents in King County that were caused by the snow. The incidents, many which ended up blocking numerous lanes on Interstate 5, prompted officials to urge drivers across the state to be especially mindful of the potential risks associated with driving in the snow. 

Stay Home, Save Lives: Officials Urge Drivers To Prevent Accidents

After reporting over 100 accidents and 45 accidents in the Tri-Cities and Yakima regions respectively last week, the Washington State Patrol (WSP) reminded drivers that things are going to get much worse before they get better. In order to help them do their job safely, drivers should heed their recommendations and do their best to avoid accidents. 

The best thing Washington drivers can do, troopers told reporters, is not leave their homes. 

Unless it is absolutely necessary, drivers should stay put after snowstorms. Keeping an eye out on the weather report can help them better judge when it is safe to drive, as troopers urge drivers to get all of their errands done prior to poor weather conditions. In the case drivers must leave their homes, they should always keep spare blankets, extra water and food in their vehicles in case accidents happen and emergency crews are unable to reach your location quickly. 

According to the WSP, officials will often prioritize personal injury accidents then move on to less dangerous accidents. If you get stuck in the snow but aren’t hurt, odds are you will have to stay put for some time before help arrives. 

WSP: More Snow, Icy Rain Are Expected, Act Accordingly 

As officials expect central Washington to be on the receiving end of the heaviest snowfall this week, troopers are alerting drivers that travel conditions will be very difficult or even impossible. Plan your trips accordingly and follow officials’ recommendations to avoid unnecessary incidents. 

For more on what officials are saying regarding the record-breaking snowfall, follow this link

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