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Kia Recalls Vehicles Over Burn Injury, Property Damage Risks

Several vehicles produced by Kia could expose car owners and passengers to fire-related accidents, news outlets report. The issue prompted the manufacturer to launch a recall to prevent fires and personal injury. If you suffered a personal injury you need the best Washington Personal Injury Lawyers.

According to the firm, Kia is recalling more than 228,000 Sedona and Sorento vehicles. 

These units come with anti-lock-brake (ABS) systems that may be exposed to moisture. This problem could increase the risk of an electrical short and a fire, even if the vehicle is parked and its engine is turned off.

Kia told the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that its engineers are still unaware of how moisture can enter the ABS system modules. In order to prevent fire-related accidents, property damage, and personal injury, vehicle owners should park their vehicles outside and away from structures or other vehicles until the cars are fixed.   

Kia’s Recall Linked To Previous Fires — No Personal Injury Reported

The firm told regulators that it’s aware of two Sedona and five Sorento fires associated with the ABS system issue. In all cases, the firm confirmed, a short caused the fires. Thankfully, nobody suffered any burn injuries as a result. 

Impacted models include the 2006 through 2010 Sedona minivans and the 2007 through 2009 Sorento SUVs. 

Kia will begin contacting impacted vehicle owners in April. 

If you own one of the recalled vehicles, dealers will install a relay to prevent the ABS module from being powered up while the car is off. The repair should cost nothing to car owners.

Until then, car owners who are concerned for their safety should contact Kia to ask what they should do in addition to parking outside to prevent fires.

Being a responsible driver involves promptly responding to auto recalls when they surface and following the manufacturer’s instructions. It also involves reporting equipment issues to the automaker and regulators when they happen. 

These reports help safety agencies like the NHTSA to assess risks and pressure automakers to launch recalls. 

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