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Keep Your Pet Safe This New Year’s Eve

This New Year’s Eve, countless of pet owners in Seattle and the surrounding cities are wondering how they are going to keep their pets safe. After all, most dogs suffer tremendous stress because of all the loud noises. With all the fireworks marking the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019, your furry companions might feel overwhelmed.

To make sure you and your loved ones can ring in the new year without any incidents involving your pets,it’s important to take some steps. Especially if you are going to have a lot of people over to celebrate.

Wear Out Your Pet Early In The Day

On New Year’s Eve, make sure your dog exercises well in the morning. That is important because pent-up energy will end up stressing them even more later. By running your dog, playing, and making sure it has a great deal of fun early, it won’t have much energy left later to panic.

Prepare A Cozy, Quiet Space For Your Pet

During the fireworks showdown, the best thing you do is to keep your pet in a secluded space. It must be comfortable and as quiet as possible. Keep their bowls with water and food in that room and any other object that might help them relax, such as their bed and toys. Especially if you’re having people over and if you live in an area organizing a fireworks display.

Make Sure Your Dog Can’t Run Away

All pets are different, but many dogs will try to escape if they hear too many stressful noises. Even dogs that often tolerate fireworks well might one day lose control and try to run away. In order to avoid having to look for a missing pet, keep the door locked and let your guests know they should shut the door thoroughly.

For more important safety tips that could help your pet deal with the New Year’s Eve celebrations better, follow this link.

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