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K2 Sports Recalls Inline Skates After Incidents Were Reported

Certain roller blades are being recalled after the firm learned about four incidents.

According to the report, the K2 Sports skates come with axles that could sheer off. If this happens, the wheel will come loose, falling from the frame. If this occurs while the roller blades are in use, consumers might be exposed to injury risks.

Impacted units include the K2 Sports skate models with K2 printed on the toe and wheels. Impacted items also sport the model names on the labels on the skate’s tongue.

The firm, K2 Sports, learned of at least four reports involving the axles becoming loose. While these incidents could have turned out tragic, the firm said that nobody suffered injuries.

In America, the firm is recalling at least 2,700 pairs of skates, while Canadian officials are recalling 740 others.

Consumers should not wear the recalled items. They must contact K2 Sports or the store where they purchased the items to return the skates. The items should receive a free repair.

In order to avoid injuries and stay safe, you should not ignore this recall.

Injury-Related Recalls Can Be Serious

To prevent incidents, avoid ignoring recalls tied to products you use regularly.

This particular recall impacts products that were sold through 2019 and that could expose users to injuries. But oftentimes, companies issue recalls involving products that have been around for a long time, and that were associated with injuries in the past.

We hope that this and other recalls help consumers stay alert to the risks. But most importantly, we hope that companies take steps to keep defective products from consumers. And when they do learn about a potential risk, they should do all in their power to avoid incidents, issuing a recall immediately.

For more information on this particular recall, follow this link. To stay aware of other recalls, continue to read our blog for updates.

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