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Jaguar Land Rover Invests Heavily On Lyft’s Self-Driving Tech

Self-driving car technology has never been more valuable than now. And as automakers understand that, they also become unsure of how to navigate this reality without looking out for help from others. That’s why Jaguar Land Rover is looking to Lyft to develop autonomous car technology that will help push this evolution forward.

According to a series of news reports, the company is investing $25 million to help the taxi-hailing service develop self-driving car tech. Over time, Lyft rides could become cheaper as drivers wouldn’t be needed to ensure that passengers arrive at their destination.

While Lyft competes with Uber, the company has yet to expand internationally. Much like Uber, which is working on its own self-driving technology, Lyft is taking it slow, looking into the domestic market before it expands. Still, it’s important to have competition in the self-driving market as the technology is still very new and needs a great deal of experimentation and evolution before it’s fully implemented. Since the autonomous car technology is yet to be made fool-proof, it’s important that a great number of technology developers are working on the system so developers are bale to come up with features that are both safe and effective in avoiding accidents.

So far, a lot has been said about how self-driving cars being currently tested have yet to be involved in any serious accident caused by the system. But until these features are completely capable of avoiding collisions under any scenario, it will be difficult for drivers to fully embrace the technology as a valid method to get around. So far, many American have yet to show widespread support for the technology. Many still feel like they do not trust technology enough to allow a computer to do all the driving for them. Until the overall sentiment has changed, these companies will have to work hard to change people’s perceptions.

For more on Lyft and how Jaguar Land Rover are working on developing self-driving technologies, follow this link.

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