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Is Your Teen Ready to Drive? IIHS Has a List for You

Teens and young adults are often the most vulnerable when it comes to auto accidents. According to multiple reports, teens are also more likely to be involved in accidents because of distracted driving.

To parents, that’s a terrifying thought. After all, could you imagine giving your child the keys to the car knowing that he or she would be more likely to be involved in a distracted driving crash?

To help ensure that your teen child will be safe, however, is an attainable goal.

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, parents who are on a budget should not drop the idea of allowing their teens drive an used car just because they fear for their safety.

Recently, the safety organization released a report that reviewed used cars to come up with a list of the safest used cars for teens. With this list in hands, parents will be able to make a better decision as to what car they will get their teens.

The organization is known for carrying some of the toughest crash tests in the industry. So to many car safety experts, this list could help parents who are cash-strapped but want only what’s best for their children.

With safety in mind, the organization focused on finding vehicle models that come with important safety features such as multiple air bags, electronic stability control, and other important features that could help to save the lives of your kids.

Traditionally, the IIHS always recommended large, slow, and even older sedans as first vehicles for teens. Now, the organization still recommends vehicles that are large and not that fast, but other categories were also added.

With the “best choices” list, the IIHS focuses on reviewing vehicles that cost lass than $20,000 and that have rated consistently well by the Institute during at least four crashworthiness tests. The vehicle models listed under “good choices” are priced under $10,000, but their ratings are not exactly perfect.

When looking for used cars for your teens, parents should have three things in mind. First, they must always avoid high-horsepower models. Vehicles that go too fast should never be in the hands of teens or inexperienced drivers.

Also, make sure to always get a vehicle that is large. heavy vehicles are safer and will keep your child protected in the event of an accident. Lastly, never ignore the importance of the electronic stability control feature. Make sure the vehicle you pick is fitted with it, it could make accidents less likely.

For a full list, follow this link.

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