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Is Pokemon GO Distracting US Drivers?

Distracted driving—and walking—is becoming one of the most dangerous activities for Americans everywhere, so it’s no wonder that many safety advocates are now urging smartphone users to avoid using their phones to play Pokemon GO while operating a vehicle.

According to many safety experts and road authorities, the use of the popular Pokemon GO app may soon become a problem for drivers, bicyclists, motorcyclists, and pedestrians.

The concerns have been raised after several individuals either involved with law enforcement, education, or the cell phone industry noted that drivers have been stopping indiscriminately while driving in order to “catch” Pokemon characters.

In order to help drivers steer out of trouble, the New York DMV is issuing warnings to motorists to not play the Pokemom mobile app while operating a motor vehicle. AAA has also joined the authorities, explaining to drivers that distractions tied to the app could spawn another distracted driving epidemic.

To a DMV executive deputy commissioner from New York, drivers, pedestrians, and even cyclists will soon be exposed to the unintended consequences of the use of the Pokemon GO app. Unless you’re oblivious of your own safety and the safety of your loved ones, keep in mind that you cannot play your favorite mobile game from a hospital bed. Staying alert will help to keep you safe so you can continue playing Pokemon GO safely.

To our readers, we urge caution and attention, at all times. Even if all that you want to do on your phone while behind the wheel is to text a loved one letting them know you’re on your way.

If you have the need to use your phone for any reason, steer out of trouble by never allowing distractions to take your attention away from the road. Put your phone down and only pick it up once you have stopped the vehicle in a safe location.

If you have children who own smartphones and they drive, make sure to teach them about the risks associated with the use of the Pokemon GO app, but don’t stop there. Helping them by having them go under defensive driving techniques may also help them to avoid serious and even deadly crashes.

Lead by example by dropping the phone and avoiding distractions while behind the wheel.

For more on how the authorities and other organizations are coming together to make sure that accidents don’t happen, follow this link.

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