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Injury Risk Tied To Doors Prompts Land Rover Recall

Several Land Rover Range Rovers are at risk of exposing occupants to injury risks so the company issued a recall.

According to the firm, the 2016 Land Rover Range Rover SUVs come with doors that may open without warning. This puts occupants at major risks of injuries. The firm claims that the issue is related to the driver-side door. Because it may open abruptly, even if the driver is sure the door is closed, the company contacted the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in order to report the issue.

Drivers issued complaints saying they closed the doors and then, after they opened, the car didn’t issue any warnings.

The firm says that at least 28,671 Range Rover Sport and Range Rover models have the issue.

Land Rover says that the keyless vehicle latching system is behind this issue. Since it may jam between the chamfer brush and outside transmission lever, the spring won’t be able to move. If this is the case, then the door won’t go back to the correct position.

Impacted car owners will receive notifications in the mail regarding the recall after July 19. Until then, car owners who worry about their safety should contact Land Rover for more details.

Once the firm sends drivers a second notice, they will learn more about the repair process.

At the dealership, the staff will install a new left-hand door latch assembly entirely for free.

Safety Issues Prompt Serious Recalls

Making sure your car’s maintenance is up to date isn’t the only thing you should do to avoid accidents and injuries. Responding to recall campaigns is also important.

Unfortunately, many companies overlook or simply ignore major equipment issues. That’s when accidents happen and people suffer.

If you’re a serious car owner, do not ignore this and any other recall. And if you own a Land Rover that may present this issue, follow this link to learn more.

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