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Injury Reported In Parkland Accident Involving One Car

Tragic auto crashes occur nearly daily across the country. And as personal injury attorneys, we know may happen in our beautiful state of Washington regularly. Still, it’s heartbreaking to learn about these occurrences. Still, we must report on these accidents in order to urge our readers and clients to do all they can to avoid similar collisions.

The latest to have happened recently took place in Parkland on Wednesday night. Unfortunately, this accident resulted in injuries.

According to the official reports, a driver who was acting erratically allowed her vehicle to roll over on Pacific Avenue in Parkland. As a result, the car rolled onto the driver’s side where it landed. Emergency crews had to extricate her from the vehicle.

Before landing, however, officials say the vehicle went off the road before it went up a wall, hit a pole, and then landed on its side.

As officials worked to remove her, she was unconscious. Once they were able to extricate her, she regained her consciousness. She was later transported to the Tacoma General Hospital where she was treated.

Before the terrible accident, she had been speeding, officials say. She also passed in turn lanes. Witness say she had been using a vape pen to smoke before the accident, but an investigation is ongoing and more details on what caused her to act erratically have yet to be unveiled.

Washington drivers who are serious about their well-being and the well-being of their fellow Washingtonians should keep in mind that driving erratically for whatever reason will lead to crashes.

When you’re speeding and ignoring road rules, you’re putting yourself in danger.

Drivers who are going too fast lose their ability to respond promptly to emergencies, making collisions more likely. They are also more likely to lose control over their vehicles. Other factors that may lead to similar accidents include distracted driving and intoxicated driving.

We hope the victim in this crash is able to recover quickly. We also hope that drivers are doing their best to avoid similar circumstances. We also hope that you’re talking to others so that you learn from this accident can be spread far and wide. Drivers who are not serious about their safety will eventually put their own lives at risk. Do not let that happen to you.

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