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Injuries Tied To Fidget Spinners — Were You A Victim?

Fidget Spinners are all some of the most popular toys across the United States.

For many kids, the spinners, as they are usually known, are used for both fun and for calming. Originally, the idea behind the toy was that the spinners would give children with difficulties focusing a better chance at having their attention centered on one thing at a time.

But with the toy’s growing popularity, many cases of injuries have started to pop up. Unfortunately for some of the victims of these incidents, the results were serious, even concerning.

Could Fidget Spinner-Related Injuries Lead To Personal Injury Cases?

Yes. They probably could.

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, fidget spinner businesses may not be on top of the potential issues associated with the toys. As they fail to provide consumers with important warnings and guidelines.

The consumer watchdog agency has reported that in many injury incidents, children experienced choking. In other cases, children experienced issues with spinners whose batteries caught fire while in use. The fire issue is so serious that one of these devices even melted.

While no deaths have been associated with these gadgets, one 10-year-old girl chocked. Since a piece of the spinner was lodged in her body as a result, she had to be subjected to a surgery. For consumers to avoid similar incidents, they must take precautions even if companies aren’t making sure consumers are being warned.

As a parent, make sure your child knows that spinners should never be in the hands of children younger than 3. Also, let your kids know they should never put a spinner in their mouths.

If your child’s spinner is battery-operated, do not let the product be charged out of your watch. Have it charged near you so you’re watching what’s going on. Also, unplug your spinner once it’s fully charged. Verify whether your home’s smoke detectors are working correctly.

But most importantly, retailers and manufacturers must keep in mind that if they are not caring for the consumers’ well being by clearly stating that their products meet safety standards, then perhaps they don’t. And if that’s the case, consumers have the right to purse legal actions against negligent companies that have been selling them dangerous devices.

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