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Increase In Recalls Demonstrates Product Liability Remains An Issue

Over the last several years we’ve seen an increase in the number of auto recalls. Now, we are seeing a new phenomenon, the growth in the number of both food and consumer product recalls. As more victims of product liability accidents come forward, sharing their experiences and seeking justice, we urge our readers to pay attention to the potentially dangerous products they might have in their home. 

Agents Report Growing Number Of Defective Products

In June alone, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) announced more than 30 recalls ranging from children’s toys to over-the-counter medication. 

The increasing number of products making these lists are oftentimes recalled for serious safety risks such as the Kroger brand acetaminophen, which was recalled in mid-June, 2022, for not being packaged in child-resistant bottles. In many cases, firms only issue such recalls after products exposed consumers to injuries, which was the case with the WarmWave and Hunter Ceramic Tower Heaters made by the Sienhua Group.

According to the CPSC, Sienhua Group received eight customer reports of fire at the plug or cord and dozens of customer reports involving the plug or cord overheating. 

Many consumers are getting injured and suffering greatly due to defective products. However, few come forward with their stories. But if recent court cases can tell us anything, it is that victims should never fear having their voices heard.

Goggles In The Spotlight For Eye Injury Case

A firefighter from Los Angeles, California, recently won his product liability case against the manufacturer of lensless eye goggles. He was wearing the goggles while playing an on-duty game of handball earlier this year, which eventually led to an eye injury. 

After a partial tear in his eye’s iris due to the incident, the victim’s eye is now highly light sensitive due to the injury. According to his attorneys, after a day and a half of deliberation, the jury found that the product did not fully meet consumer liability standards, awarding the victim and his legal team victory.

With U.S. courts moving toward product liability legal standards that have the potential to increase liability, it is important to remind both consumers and producers of the risks. 

Stay Alert, Stay Safe

As a consumer, stay on top of product recalls and heed manufacturer warnings when these recalls are issued. Stay informed and always one step ahead in order to keep you and your loved ones safe. When a product registration card comes with something you are purchasing, always complete it and return it to the manufacturer so you can be promptly contacted in the event of a recall.  

For more information on product liability and the risks associated with defective consumer products, read more here.

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