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Illinois Miss Campaigns Against Distracted Driving

Distracted driving continues to be one of the most concerning activity for drivers nationwide. Yet drivers continue to use their phones, talk to other passengers, or handle pets or children while operating a moving vehicle.

Since many drivers know that there are risks, they should act accordingly. Instead, they still take part in distracting behaviors, making crashes more likely to happen.

With that in mind, Miss Illinois will be on the campus of Rend Lake College tomorrow in order to talk to students about the risks associated with distracted driving. The idea is to alert young drivers and drivers-to-be that distracted driving is a serious threat to their safety and the safety of their loved ones.

According to the Illinois State Patrol, at least 1 million crashes are tied to distracted driving across North America yearly. The economic impact of these types of accidents has reached the $40 billion per year mark. If drivers are not serious about their safety, they may at least keep in mind that a crash caused by distraction will cost them. Avoiding distractions could save their lives—and money—in the long run.

Miss Illinois will discuss these risks with students, but the most important part of her presentation is her personal distracted driving story.

According to local news sources, she was involved in a crash caused by distraction about one year ago. She intends to take her “Eyes on the Road” event to others in the state, hoping to make people aware of the potential dangers and consequences of acting irresponsibly while behind the wheel.

The first thing that people must remember is that distracted driving is not only related to phone use.

Actions such as eating, drinking, or talking to other occupants also increase distraction rates. Handling unruly children or pets in the back seat may also lead to distracted driving crashes.
And while hands-free technology has become widely popular among drivers who are also smartphone users, several experts still believe that even voice-to-text systems create distractions that could lead to major crashes. Mostly because voice command creates cognitive distractions that make it difficult for drivers to focus on the road ahead and pay attention to details. If a driver is splitting his attention between the road and their cell phone while attempting to use a voice-to-text command to send a text message, he or she may not be able to notice pedestrians or other vehicles approaching.


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