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Hosting Thanksgiving Dinner? Follow These Turkey Day Safety Tips

Thanksgiving is here and while this is the perfect time to catch up with family and friends, we should not throw caution to the wind. 

When throwing a Thanksgiving get-together, keep the safety tips contained in this article in mind. This will help you keep your family and friends safe. 

Stay Safe: Avoid Cooking-Related Incidents 

Avoid injuries and cooking-related fires by staying alert in your kitchen.

If you are preparing a Thanksgiving feast and you plan on spending time in the kitchen, you will be busy splitting your attention between guests and making sure the food is ready. In this scenario, incidents can easily happen as dishes might burn or boil over if left unattended. As a matter of fact, most of the home cooking fires reported nationwide each year happen on Thanksgiving Day.  

To prevent fires, do not leave anything unattended for too long. Have a friend or family member available to help you with preparing the meals and place any flammable items away from the oven or stove. When decorating the Thanksgiving table with candles, space them out to keep them from lighting anything on fire. 

Additionally, the National Fire Protection Association (NFP) recommends that you check all smoke detectors and keep children away from the stove, knives, hot food, and boiling liquids. 

Stay Healthy: Prevent Food Poisoning

One of the potential risks related to Thanksgiving dinner is food poisoning. Unfortunately, not all cooks understand the importance of proper hygiene. If you’re in charge of the dinner this holiday, put simple habits in place to avoid food contamination. 

Wash your hands thoroughly before and after preparing food and make sure fresh fruits and vegetables are also properly washed. All dishes, utensils, and surfaces used in the preparation of meals should also be thoroughly cleaned. Use different cutting boards for meats and produce. 

When preparing a turkey, cook it thoroughly. Use a thermometer to make sure it is fully cooked and when putting away the leftovers, use tightly sealed containers. Don’t let cooked items sit out for too long, as it may increase the risk of bacteria contamination. 

For more safety tips on how to organize your most memorable — and safe — Thanksgiving feast, follow this link

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