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HORRIFIC: Mom Arrested After Leaving Children To Die In Hot Car

As the weather gets warmer, parents are urged to pay attention to the risks associated with leaving their children unattended in hot vehicles. Unfortunately, we hear about cases of serious injury and even death every year due to this phenomenon and still, many parents aren’t aware of how to avoid these incidents in many cases.

The most recent incident involving children who unfortunately perished after being locked in hot cars happened in Texas.

According to the reports, two Texas toddlers suffered deadly injuries after their teenage mother left them in a hot car intentionally, reports show.

Investigators say the 19-year-old left her 1, and 2-year-olds in the car after driving with a 16-year-old to a friend’s house on Tuesday night. Both teens left the children in the car while they were at their friend’s. At the time, outside temperature was in the 80s. The children were left in the car for full 15 hours alone.

Investigators said that someone in the house told her to bring the kids in the house after they heard the children crying but the 19-year-old mom dismissed the comments, saying they would cry themselves to sleep.

At some point, some urged the teen to take the children who were left along in the car to the hospital. She finally did, telling doctors that the children had collapsed after having smelled flowers at a lake. She claimed the flowers were poisonous.

Calling this one of the worst cases of child endangerment they had seen, investigators are appalled.

It’s terrifying that this type of incident has happened and we’re terribly saddened to hear that these children were killed. But we also want to take the opportunity to urge parents to remember that some of these incidents happen entirely by accident, simply because overworked o sleep-deprived parents may forget they have a child in the back seat when going to work. Certain steps such as placing your phone or a briefcase in the back seat may help you to prevent this from happening as you will be forced to look in the back as soon as you arrive at work.

For more on this tragic Texas incident, follow this link.

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