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Honda Recalls Vehicles Over Air Bag, Defective Camera Software

Honda’s latest recall impacts 1.4 million vehicles in the United States. Both Acura and Honda brands are in danger.

According to the Associated Press, Honda decided to recall the vehicles because of faulty front passenger-side air bags made by Takata. The air bag inflators produced by the Japanese auto parts maker could explode in an accident. As a result, metal shrapnel could fly into the car’s cabin. If the metal parts hit an occupant, injuries could be fatal.

The issue impacts several models of several different year makes. For more details on which cars have the issue, follow this link.

While this recall impacts 1.4 million Acura and Honda vehicles, another one of Honda’s latest recalls impacts 232,000 units of the 2019 Insight hybrids and 2018 Accord. These vehicles come with camera display software that may experience flaws. In this case, the rear camera won’t show images correctly while the driver is putting the vehicle in back gear. In this case, the driver may crash.

If you own a Honda or an Acura vehicle and you are concerned this issue could expose you to safety dangers, contact the manufacturer immediately. The company should be able to fix the software issue or replace the Takata air bags entirely for free.

Do Not Ignore Dangerous Recalls

The Takata air bag issue was responsible for 23 deaths worldwide as well as 180 injuries. Because this issue is serious and may put your life in danger, you should heed the company’s advice, contacting a dealership to schedule a visit immediately.

Safety issues such as this can put your family in danger. Ignoring recalls can have deadly consequences.

For more details on both of these recalls and how to ensure yours and the safety of your loved ones, follow this link.

Continue to visit our blog to learn more about open auto recalls and how they can affect you and your loved ones.

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