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Honda Recall Impacts Accord And Insight Hybrid Vehicles

Over 232,000 vehicles may present software problems in the United States, and Honda is recalling the units to avoid accidents. The recall should not be ignored by Honda car owners.

According to the automaker, the 2018 Accord and 2019 Insight Hybrid cars may experience rear camera display issues due to a malfunctioning software. As a result, the camera display may not show images properly when the driver shifts into rear. If the driver relies on those images to park or back out of a driveway, they may not be able to do so properly, and that could make accidents more likely.

Children and other bystanders are more vulnerable as drivers may not see them due to a defective camera.

So far, the issue hasn’t led to any accidents or injuries. Still, consumers are not to ignore this recall, as it could expose them and their loved ones to accident risks.

Honda reports that dealers should update the software entirely for free.

Around the globe, Honda is recalling cars in Germany, Canada, and South Korea for the same problem.

Avoid Crashes, Follow Recall Campaigns’ Recommendations

This recall impacts thousands of vehicles, putting consumers everywhere in danger. That’s precisely why drivers and car owners should never ignore a recall campaign that impacts their vehicles.

In this case, you must act promptly after you receive an alert from the company. Contact an authorized dealer and schedule a visit. There, the staff will make sure your car is working as it should.

If you are afraid your car may have other open recalls, visit to look into open recalls by searching for your car’s VIN.

Continue to visit our blog to learn more about other recalls. You will also learn tips on how to stay safe, and other information about accidents around the state that could help you to prevent similar collisions.

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