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Honda, Audi Vehicles Impacted By Recalls Over Crash, Injury Risks

At Bernard Law Group, we’re often concerned about the safety of our readers and clients. Since we’re well aware of the risks associated with driving cars that are recalled or defective for some reason, we often report on recalls, especially if they impact popular models.

The two latest car recalls to have been reported come from Honda and Audi and they involve vehicles that may expose drivers and passengers to injury or crash hazards. For that reason, we believe that drivers must not ignore these reports.

The first recall we urge you to pay attention to comes from Honda.

According to the company, thousands of the Honda Odyssey vehicles of the 2018 year make were recalled after the company learned that the seat belt tongue used in the third-row center for the seating position may not be compatible with the latch. If that’s the case, the seat belt may not be secured completely. If that’s the case, the occupant may not be restrained correctly. In this case, an injury will occur as a result since the passenger won’t be protected in the event of a collision. In some serious cases, occupants may even suffer serious or even deadly injuries as a result.

Consumers with the recalled vehicles are being contacted after July 24. Once you’re contacted, your vehicle will be inspected for issues and if needed, the seat belt parts will be replaced entirely for free.

Consumers who are concerned about their vehicles and who are not contacted after July 24 should reach out to Honda directly for more details.

The second recall we urge you not to ignore involves over 24,000 Audi vehicles nationwide.

According to the automaker, the 2016 and 2017 Audi Q3 luxury SUVs are being recalled because its brake lights may fail to illuminate when the driver is using the emergency braking. If that’s the case, drivers following behind may not know the vehicle is stopped. This could increase the risk of a rear-ending collision.

Consumers who are concerned about this recall should reach out to Audi directly, however, the firm has stated that impacted vehicle owners should be contacted this month.

The recalled Audi vehicles should have their software updated entirely for free in order to have this issue addressed.

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