Hit-And-Run Crash: Bicycle Rider Killed While Trying To Cross

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bike 1172465 960 720

An accident involving a bicycle rider on Monday unfortunately resulted in a fatality. We hope that this tragic crash reminds Washington drivers to be better and more responsible drivers to avoid similar collisions.

According to news reports, the cyclist was trying to cross Rainier Avenue South at 4:50 p.m. when a car struck him. After the accident, the driver reportedly fled the scene.

While emergency crews tried all they could to save the victim, the man died at the scene. According to witnesses, a white sedan was behind this horrific accident. Authorities are still searching for the hit-and-run driver.

We hope officials are doing all in their power to find the driver who’s to blame for this horrific accident.

Prevent Bicycle Crashes By Sharing The Road

Drivers often ignore bicycle riders because they are not paying attention to the road.

With the increase in the number of drivers using their phones behind the wheel over the years, distraction became a real problem. And, as a result, accidents involving drivers who are not paying attention became common.

Because of the visibility issues many drivers face, it is also hard to spot a bicycle rider if the driver is not actively paying attention to his or her surroundings at all times.

And it is precisely because drivers are too distracted that it becomes harder for them to check the road correctly. While the latest hit-and-run accident involving a bicyclist is still under investigation, we must not forget that others happen all too often because of distraction. Even in the state of Washington, where law enforcement enforce laws against the practice.

If you’re a driver, remember to never use your phone while behind the wheel. Also, remember that other distractions such as talking to passengers, eating, drinking, or dealing with children or pets may also prevent you from driving safely.



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