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Help Your Teen Avoid Distracted Driving With These Apps

Having children isn’t easy. But having teenage children can be a nightmare. If your child is learning to drive or is already a licensed driver, you might be unsure of how your child is doing while behind the wheel — especially if distracted driving is a concern to you.

As we all know, teens and young, inexperienced drivers are more likely to be distracted while behind the wheel.

If you’re interested in learning what you can do to have some peace of mind when your teen takes the car out for a drive, experts have gathered a list of apps that both you and your child can use to tackle the issue.

According to these experts, some of these apps include Life 360’s Driver Protect, which works for both Android and iOS. This app is special because it offers roadside assistance and lets the parent know how fast the driver traveled. The app also has arrival alerts and is fitted with emergency response tools that may help ensure the parent that his or her teen will obtain help promptly in case of an emergency.

Other solutions include systems that are based on vehicle-monitoring technologies. These systems make use of small gadgets that can be plugged into the car’s onboard diagnostics port. With these systems, parents get access to the vehicle’s location, speed, driving history, and a series of other features.

For parents who are afraid of their children being distracted while behind the wheel, this means that you would always be on top of what your child is doing.

To parents who don’t mind paying a bit more, they may purchase a vehicle that is already fitted with tracking tools. GM, for instance, has the OnStar system, which allows for families to use the FamilyLink monitoring feature for an additional amount monthly.

Insurance companies may also provide apps that help to both keep track and ensure that you and you family have better rates if drive safely.

Regardless of how you choose to go about when keeping an eye on what your child is doing, make sure to keep in mind that teaching your child to be a safe and defensive driver is the best way to avoid distracted driving accidents.

In the many years of work we have done for victims of car accidents caused by distracted drivers or simply by drivers who were negligent, we have seen firsthand how much victims suffer. We do not want anyone to go through this alone, especially if he or she is injured and frail, not capable of fighting for his or her rights in court.

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