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Heartbroken Mom Says Daughter Was Distracted Before Deadly Accident

A horrific train accident involving a teenager is making the news after the victim’s mother talked about it online.

She reportedly told her social media followers that distracted driving was the culprit.

According to several news sources, the mother of a 17-year-old Canadian girl told social media that her daughter was distracted just moments before a train hit her car on Aug. 16.

The distressed mother said that her child was following Google Maps and looking at the phone, not seeing the train coming.

In her post, she asked others to stay off their phones to avoid the same fate.

After the horrific accident, the young woman died in the hospital just one day after her 17th birthday. Clearly, the distressed mother knows what she’s talking about when she begs others to avoid using their phones while behind the wheel.

Young, Inexperienced Drivers Are More Likely To Be Distracted

Young drivers are likely to become more distracted because of phone use. Because inexperienced drivers are not as aware of the potential dangers that may arise, they may feel overly confident. Overconfidence may cloud their judgment and they may end up becoming distracted either by their phone or another factor, and accidents will happen as a result.

As a personal injury firm, we’ve helped countless victims of distracted driving accidents. We know what victims’ families go through. If you’re a concerned driver, you should put your attention on the road and on the act of driving only. Distractions can lead to serious collisions that may lead to fatalities. Unfortunately, not all drivers are careful, and many only start paying attention after they are in a crash.

We are heartbroken that this deadly accident happened, but hope that it may serve as an example to other teens and young, inexperienced drivers out there. Smart motorists learn from other people’s mistakes.

For more information on this accident, follow this link.

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