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Health Officials: Eating Raw Cookie Dough May Lead To Deadly Outbreaks

The holiday season is when we get together with family and friends to enjoy some time off in great company. But the holiday season is also a time of risks — on and off road.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is alerting Americans everywhere to remember that while making their Christmas cookies, eating raw dough should be out of the question. You should be especially concerned about your children, as they may try to sneak and eat some of your raw cookie dough behind your back.

According to officials, there are some very important reasons why raw cookie dough is hazardous. The first has to do with the raw eggs in cookie recipes. And the second has to do with the flour.

If the eggs carry Salmonella and you eat raw cookie dough, you could experience severe stomach upset. The bacteria can cause such health issues that may even lead to death. According to the CDC, Salmonella kills 450 people every year, while 1.2 million others become sick.

But if the recipes you follow do not take eggs, you’re still not in the clear. After all, raw flour may carry other types of germs such as E. coli.

In 2016, the CDC reports, E. coli present in raw flour was behind 63 illnesses. This type of outbreak could happen again if consumers are not careful.

Experts Urge Consumers To Follow Safety Steps To Avoid Cookie-Related Outbreaks

Officials want you to stay safe through the holiday season so you enjoy every moment of it. For that to happen, you must never taste or eat raw dough or batter. If what you’re making has raw flour, stay away. In addition, do not let children play or eat raw dough either.

While preparing dough or batter for cookies or other baked goods, keep raw foods separate from ready-to-eat items. Raw flour is a powder, and it can spread quickly. Raw eggs can also spill and contaminate other surfaces or food items.

Only try cookies after they were properly cooked. And after handling flour, wash your hands thoroughly and clean up your working area well to avoid cross-contamination.

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