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Headlights Can Help Avoid Accidents, Here’s How According To WA Law

Even if you’re a veteran driver, you still might get a little confused while trying to deal with rainy or snowy driving in the Evergreen state. We know. After all, we’re personal injury lawyers who have served the state for decades and we have seen several cases of minor accidents that could have been prevented if the proper headlights had been in use.

When driving in Washington, many drivers will wonder if it’s ever an appropriate time to use full headlights. That, a local newspaper editor said, has become a trendy question as many drivers are simply using their side or parking lights while driving in the evening.

But according to state law, drivers must have their full headlights on if visibility is restricted either by heavy rain or darkness. So when driving in the evening (or under heavy rain), do not forget that the “in-between” lights only won’t do.

But before you ask, consider how simple the law actually is. After all, it simply reminds us that when visibility is an issue, adding another layer of protection will help drivers see each other, making accidents less likely to happen.

As veteran Seattle drivers, it’s clear to us that this matters as accidents caused by limited visibility can lead to major injuries, pain, and sometimes even fatalities.

If you’re concerned for your safety or the safety of your loved ones, especially when driving in the rain or at night, you should keep in mind that headlights can come in handy.

So if one of your car’s headlights has gone out or if you need to get your headlights fixed for any reason, do so now. Do not drive one more day in the rain or during the evening without being able to use your headlights correctly to avoid an accident.

For more on information on what the law says, you may click here to read more.

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