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Head-On Accidents, DUIs, And More Kept WSP Busy Over The Weekend

Three major accidents kept troopers with the Washington State Patrol (WSP) and Adams County Sheriff Department very busy this past Saturday. 

According to local news outlets, WSP officers were responding to a DUI head-on collision when another driver ignored deputies redirecting traffic, crashing into a deputy’s vehicle and colliding with another car head-on before allowing his vehicle to spin and nearly hit troopers and deputies on the road. 

Before the vehicle stopped, it hit yet another car, prompting it to collide with two other vehicles.

While this multi-vehicle accident happened, another driver was being pulled over by Othello Police for driving under the influence. 

Thankfully, no deaths were reported. 

A family involved in the multi-vehicle crash was sent to the hospital for treatment while the drivers involved in the initial head-on collision and the driver responsible for the multi-vehicle crash were all taken into custody. 

Sheriff Department: Avoid DUI Accidents By Planning Ahead, Following Traffic Rules 

Following the three incidents, which all happened around the same time, officials were thankful that the crashes did not result in deadly injuries. However, officials used the incidents to urge drivers to take into account that these accidents wouldn’t have happened if drivers hadn’t been intoxicated. 

In a statement released by Adam County’s Sheriff Department, officials urged drivers to follow the law.   

“We are thankful these incidents did not become a fatal injury collision and want to remind everyone to please not drink and drive,” officials said.

In order to stay safe, they added, drivers must think ahead if they plan on going out to drink.    

“Always be prepared and find a designated driver as your chances put the public in danger when you choose to get behind the wheel while being impaired.”

Another important point to always keep in mind is to follow the instructions of officials redirecting traffic. In many cases, accidents require road closures so that officials and emergency personnel can have access to the accident scene. 

In Washington, the law states that drivers who speed in emergency and work zones are guilty of reckless endangerment of emergency or construction personnel. Help save lives by following traffic rules.

For more on the several accidents that were reported in this post, follow this link.

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