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‘Groove’ Could Help Deter Distracted Driving

Many auto and tech companies have been working on developing features that help drivers to avoid distracted driving accidents. While the best solution is for drivers to simply stop being distracted, it’s important to learn more about these features and new technologies, especially if you’re a parent and your child is a teen or young adult learning to drive.

For an entrepreneur from Colorado, a tragic distracted driving accident sparked his interest in the subject. Because someone he knew got killed in an auto accident caused by a teenage driver who ran the red light due to distraction, he decided to make a difference by looking into ways of putting an end to distracted driving.

Now, the entrepreneur is launching “groove,” a small box that, when plugged into any modern car, blocks the driver’s phone. That will keep the driver from being able to receive or send any data. With the help of this small box, drivers will be forced to focus on the road ahead, and the number of distracted driving accidents could drop considerably.

But the desired effect could only be reached if the the device is widely used.

The anti-distracted driving device works by becoming involved with the driver’s cell phone carrier. Once the vehicle is turned on, the system cuts off tempting messages at their source. They’ll only be delivered once they receive a signal reporting that the car has been turned off. While this technology could be of great use to drivers nationwide, the entrepreneur behind the technology now has another task to make the system available to the market: mobile networks.

Only when these companies are ready to participate and willing to give groove access to their networks will these features be useful to drivers across the country.

So far, drivers have been relying on apps that will block text messages, but drivers seldom use these apps simply because they have full control over it. Using a technology that takes over whenever your car is on could make it harder for drivers to go around the system.

If you’re a driver and you’re serious about safety, or your child is learning to drive and he or she simply cannot take their phones off their hands, this device could be the solution to your problems.

If you would like to know more about this new technology and how it could rid roads from distracted driving, follow this link to read more.

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