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Google’s Car Accident Detection Tech Helps Save Life

A car accident detection technology created by Google helped to save a victim of a tractor accident, news outlets report.

According to the victim himself, he was driving his Bobcat loader tractor when he accidentally stumbled into a pit, plunging towards it and becoming stuck. While trapped in the vehicle and unconscious for several minutes, the man was not completely helpless. 

Thanks to a feature of his Google Pixel 4 XL phone called Car Crash Detection, the authorities were alerted and emergency personnel were called to the scene. 

When officials arrived at the location of the crash, they found the man had suffered several injuries, including broken ribs and spine injuries.   

Today, many new cars now come with crash detection software, such as Chevrolet’s OnStar. However, people who own older models might be interested in learning more about alternatives. Google Pixel 4 XL’s Car Crash Detection might be a good option but this particular technology isn’t the only one.

Car Accident Detection Technology Is Here To Stay

According to Mashable, some of the car accident detection systems already available in the market include Volvo’s Car Accident Advisor mobile app, which helps drivers reach emergency contacts in the event of an accident. Additionally, the system provides guidance when it’s time to document the accident and get the vehicle repaired. 

Other apps that might help save your life in the event of a crash include Android Q’s car crash-detecting feature, Driver360, and Owlcam’s 4G LTE-connected dash camera, which sends videos of the accident to the authorities and insurance companies. 

Whatever option you choose to go with, using a safety system that will call emergency personnel in case you’re in an accident is definitely a must. You never know how serious an accident will be,and what effect injuries will have on you or others. 

To learn more about the tractor crash and how Google’s tool helped to save the victim, follow this link.  

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