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GoFundMe Page Created For Toddler Injured In Dog Bite Incident

Dog bite accidents are more common than many expect. And yet, many pet owners continue to ignore the risks, putting their loved ones and others in danger.

One case that is moving the nation comes from a state other than Washington.

According to a series of news reports, a toddler had her face injured after an incident involving a neighbor’s dog.

The incident involved a 15-month-old girl. She was inside of a neighboring unit while a family member was feeding the child. All of a sudden, the dog just came in and went after the girl.

According to the child’s mother, the dog may have smelled the food when it went after the girl.

The entire incident was caught by a home surveillance camera. After the incident, several neighbors poured out of the unit in distress. The mother grabbed her child and ran away, waiting for the ambulance. The dog involved in the incident was a female terrier mix.

While the child has been properly treated, she faces a long road to full recovery. Her facial lacerations required 19 stitches. The dog was put down after the incident.

In order to help with the costs of the child’s treatment, the family set up a GoFundMe page.

It’s sad to know that so many children are seriously injured in dog bite incidents and that all too often, these incidents happen with familiar dogs. Because children are vulnerable, parents and pet owners should be aware of the risks if they know that children will be present.

Also, you must always know what signs to look for when dogs are about to become aggressive. By staying alert, you will ensure that you and your loved ones are protected at all times.

For more on this tragic story and how to help this little girl get better, follow this link. For tips on how to spot signs of aggression on your dog or somebody else’s dogs, watch the video below.

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