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GM Relaunches Recall Following Two Bolt EV Fires

General Motors is urging some Bolt vehicle owners to park their cars outside to avoid fire risk, news outlets claim. This notice comes after at least two vehicles caught fire recently following recall repairs that failed to address a fire-causing problem. 

In November, GM recalled 69,000 electric car Bolt model years 2017 through 2019 after learning that their battery cells could experience fires while vehicles weren’t plugged in. After repairs were completed, however, two vehicles experienced fires.

One of the vehicles in question belongs to Vermont State Rep. Tim Briglin. 

Bolt Vehicle Caught Fire While Charging

In an interview about the incident, Briglin told reporters GM repaired his vehicle following the recall. Unfortunately, the repairs were not enough to keep his Bolt from catching fire. 

The incident took place on the early morning of June 30, 2021 after the vehicle spent the night charging. At 6:30 a.m., Briglin said he saw smoke coming from the back of the car. While firefighters managed to put out the fire before serious damage was done, they had to remain on the scene for another three hours to ensure the battery wasn’t going to be ignited once again. 

GM To Bolt Owners: Park Outside To Avoid Fire Accidents 

Despite working quickly to ensure this issue is finally addressed, the firm has once again urged impacted vehicle owners that whether the interim or final recall remedies have been completed, Bolts should always be parked outside. 

If you own one of the Bolt vehicles listed in this recall and worry this issue could expose you and your family to risks, reach out to GM to have your concerns addressed. 

At the dealership, a new software designed to warn vehicle owners of a short inside of a battery cell will be installed. Defective battery cells will also be replaced.

All repairs should be carried out for free. 

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