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Four Killed In Tragic Seattle Crane Crash

Three people, including a 4-month-old, suffered injuries while four others died after a crane collapsed from the top of a Seattle building and onto vehicles below. The tragic incident happened in South Lake Union.

According to the authorities, the crane hit six cars when it fell, but two of the victims were crane operators. Two others lost their lives when the crane fell on their vehicles.

One of the victims who suffered non-life-threatening injuries was an infant, while three of the victims who lost their lives were male. The fourth victim was a woman.

CNN reports that the horrific incident hit one car carrying a mother and a young child who miraculously survived.

In a statement, Mayor Jenny Durkan said the Saturday incident was “a tragic day in Seattle,” while Gov. Jay Inslee urged locals to “stay clear of the scene and allow medical personnel and investigators to do their work.” Officials expected to keep the area closed until Sunday evening.

Officials, Durkan included, could not discuss just what factor led to this horrific accident. According to the mayor, an in-depth investigation will take time.


Seattle Crane Crash: Are We Safe?

The crane accident, which killed four people and injured three others, brought pain and suffering to all victims’ loved ones. As officials look into the factors that facilitated the accident, some news outlets claim that the crane fell during a storm. Officials say that strong winds were blowing when the crane from the building in Google’s new Seattle campus fell.

What made the incident even more tragic was that it happened near the Mercer and Fairview Avenue intersection, which is often busy. However, the incident, which happened just before 3:30 pm, is raising some questions.

In January alone, Seattle had 60 construction cranes dotting the landscape.

Despite this horrific incident, Durkan said the city doesn’t have a story of tragedies like this.

“It’s a horrible day in Seattle when something like this happens. But it’s a time when we come together because Seattle is a city that rallies around each other,” she said.

She added that officials are working on reviewing the incident.

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