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Former Sleater-Kinney Drummer Injured In Car Accident

We all know car accidents can be life-changing. And in most cases, they can also serve as a wake-up call and a warning that we must be more careful in all aspects of our lives. Recently, former Sleater-Kinney drummer Janet Weiss was in an accident. And because of her injuries, she is now cancelling her upcoming shows.

On Twitter, the drummer told her followers that her car accident resulted in collar bone injuries. And because of her serious injuries, doctors told her she needed 12 weeks to recover, forcing her to cancel her shows with the band Quasi.

Despite the horrific accident, she said, she is “incredibly thankful the accident wasn’t worse and so happy to be alive!”

“I am lucky my injuries will heal and I’ll be back at it in a couple months.”

While Seattle lost a show, we  are sure that fans will understand this situation. Especially because accidents happen all too often. And many of the victims aren’t always as lucky as Weiss.

Do Not Handle The Aftermath Of A Car Accident On Your Own

When accidents happen and you suffer injuries, you oftentimes lose wages due to the time you require to spend in recovery. Furthermore, victims often require a great deal of medical attention and their treatment isn’t always easy.

In many cases, victims take months, sometimes years, to recover. In other extreme cases, victims never fully recover, as they require medical attention through the rest of their lives. That’s why we urge you to find help immediately after your accident.

We are glad that the musician didn’t suffer life-threatening injuries in this accident and hope that she is back touring soon. In order to help others who might want to avoid similar accidents, we hope that officials are able to release more information on this crash. This could give us a better idea of what caused this crash.

Drivers learn a great deal from accidents but sometimes, they aren’t paying attention. That’s when they make mistakes.

For more on Weiss’ condition after the crash, follow this link.

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