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Ford Recalls Heavy Duty Trucks Over Accident Risks

Ford recalled over 28,000 of trucks after learning that the passenger side rear axles in the vehicles could break. Truck owners must act promptly if they own one of the recalled vehicles.

The firm reported that some F-250 and F-350 Super Duty pickup trucks may suffer a rear axle shaft fracture. In this case, the driver may experience loss of power while driving the vehicle or even inability to maintain the park function. In either case, the driver may experience a collision.

Ford claims that they manufactured the impacted vehicles  between May and July.

While the issue is reportedly associated with what the firm calls “improper material handling” during the cooling process at the axle shaft material supplier, Ford is responsible for ensuring truck owners are safe.

During a production verification testing, the company learned about the issue. This prompted engineers to claim that the steel composition of the axle shaft did not meet Ford’s specifications. The supplier then investigated to find that the issue impacted a particular batch of axles produced with the wrong type of steel.

Instead of separating them, the supplier mixed them with correct F-Super Duty axle shafts. This led to the recall.

Don’t Ignore Recalls Impacting Popular Ford Vehicles

Ford is one of the most popular automakers in the country. This recall in particular impacts popular vehicles used by drivers who often carry heavy loads. Issues with the vehicles’ parking systems could prove potentially disastrous. With that in mind, Ford vehicle owners must always respond to recalls as soon as possible to avoid accidents.

Ford announced it’s contacting impacted owners by mail in late October. Once you receive a letter in the mail, take the vehicle to a dealer where technicians will replace the axle shafts for free.

You may click here to read more on this recall.

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