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Ford Recalls Explorers After Driver Reports Suspension Incident

Ford’s latest recall campaign impacts 1.2 million Explorer vehicles.

According to the firm, the vehicles have a suspension issue that could lead to accidents. Because these vehicles are widely popular across the country, it is important that drivers do all in their power to respond. After all, ignoring this recall could lead to accidents.

The company reported that the recall impacts all 2011 through 2017 vehicles. And according to the firm, the toe link on their rear suspension could experience a fracture over time. This would eventually impact the steering, increasing the risk of an accident.

Ford Issues Recall After Driver Reports Incident

The company launched the recall after a consumer said that his vehicle suffered a toe link fracture after he hit the curb. While the incident could have led to a serious accident, the driver did not report any injuries.

Regardless of whether accidents associated with this recall already happened, it’s important that we may all prevent new ones from happening.

Unfortunately, many accidents happen before automakers launch serious recalls. And others happen afterwards, simply because drivers ignored the risks and failed to fix their cars.

In this case, Ford will spend $180 million to ensure dealers fix the issues. Furthermore, the company is also recalling other smaller cars for the same issue in Canada. Cars listed under the additional recall campaigns include models that range from the 2009 through the 2017 year makes.

With the additional recalls, the firm issued four campaigns. But the largest hits American consumers.

It’s important that car owners who worry their vehicles may be at risk act fast. Contacting the firm to ask whether their vehicle is at a greater risk of suffering an accident may help. But most importantly, drivers should avoid ignoring the alerts that come in the mail.

For more information on this recall, follow this link or reach out to the company directly.

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