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Ford Recalls Bronco Sports Twice In A Week Over Crash Risks

Ford is recalling a series of Ford Bronco Sport vehicles over two separate issues. The two recalls, both of which were issued in the same week, impact the same popular small SUV models. 

The firm first reported a recall involving the rear suspensions in the 2021 Bronco Sports. Because of a manufacturing issue, the suspension modules can become loose, causing the vehicle to become unstable while on the go. 

The second recall involves the front end of a portion of the vehicles. Because they were fitted with the incorrect front lower control arms, the suspension system will suffer over time and use, increasing the risk of instability issues under certain circumstances.

Because both issues can increase the risk of an accident, it is important that car owners have their vehicles fixed as soon as possible.

According to Ford, impacted vehicle owners will be notified of both issues in the mail. If you own one of the recalled units, schedule a visit to a local dealership as soon as you receive the notification. 

All repairs should be carried out for free. 

Ford: Troubling Recalls Keep On Coming

The American automaker’s latest recalls might have not been associated with any accident so far. However, the firm is known for equipment defects. 

Notably, the Explorer was recalled ten times in its first year of production. Recently, the firm had a disastrous launch of the Ford Explorer and Lincoln Aviator models due to the several safety-related issues. Additionally, Ford recalled thousands of F-15 and Super Duty trucks over windshield problems that could lead to accidents, a recall that was somewhat obfuscated by the double Ford Bronco Sport recalls. 

If anything, these regular recalls remind us of the importance of securing vehicular equipment prior to releasing new car models. 

It is the duty of the automaker to develop safe vehicles and to make sure they are safe for use before they are sold. Unfortunately, not all firms put the safety of their customers first. 

For more on Ford’s two Bronco recalls, follow this link

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