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Ford Launches Three Recalls Tied To Injury, Accident Concerns

As you may know, many auto accidents occur because drivers are not paying attention to the road. In other cases, drunken or drowsy driving is the culprit.

In many other cases, equipment failure tied to issues that may cause the vehicle to function poorly are the culprit. Unfortunately, many carmakers fail to make sure that equipment failure is addressed promptly. As a result, drivers are involved in accidents caused by car problems that could have been prevented. In this case, we find it important that drivers stay alert to auto recalls associated with issues that may lead to accidents and injuries.

We learned that two auto makers launched recalls recently. At least one of them is Ford, which launched at least three recalls, adding 400,000 vehicles to the list of recalled nationwide.

In Ford’s case, the recalls involved three specific types of 2016 Ford Escape SUVs.

Since the vehicles assembled at the Louisville Assembly Plant on December 18, 2015 may have been fitted with faulty driver knee air bags, the company learned that the issue may have arisen due to a lack of inflator gas generant material. In this case, the air bags won’t deploy as intended in the event of a collision and the driver will experience injuries.

Dealerships that sold the impacted vehicles are contacting consumers who purchased the units.

Ford has also recalled a few police interceptor utility vehicles which may have not been produced with inboard attachments causing occupants to be exposed to injuries as they may not be properly restrained.

The third Ford recall impacts 400,000 vehicles. It involved the 2015 through 2017 transit van/bus units produced by Ford. These vehicles come with driveshaft flexible couplings that must be replaced promptly. Impacted vehicles will be repaired completely for free.

Consumers who own either of the recalled vehicles are being urged to avoid allowing the vehicle to remain broken.

Have the company address the issue as soon as possible by contacting an authorized dealer where your vehicle will be repaired immediately. If you have further questions or concerns related to any of these recalls, make sure to contact the manufacturer as soon as possible to have them addressed.

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